Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Having a purpose in life is good

This life [is] a target to we to reach a[n desire [so that/ to be] all of us become better again and that tentram,beside hat also we may not forget our obligation will [in] this world to fight for life within reason tortoise protect its egg from human being hunting or lain.May be animal by dozens from us [in] this world have to extra struggle life because problem of[is condition of family,economic,may be also awareness of humanity.We ought to be important [of] live this world just for serving to which [is] the almighty.We have to will and have to know what that life meaning meaning to people closest we and for the others of too,because if wrong us catch congeniality from reluctant lifes,don't [of] life we will destroy and possible also Lord will call us more yAa give..,seE don't and lives our for cepat.So,beneficial

Pray for indonesia

Pray for indonesia

alm.Mbah Maridjan

penuh abu