Sabtu, 13 November 2010

sincerity is beautiful

Drizzle moistened the earth, the air blows fresh. A young man had finished the prayer fulfilled dzuhur congregation in the mosque. His gaze swept toward the courtyard, not far from it there is an old lady who sits in the middle ground caught his attention. Suddenly a small bag from where my grandmother was flying in the wind strong. Soon the young man noticed the old woman screaming for help, wanting her purse was taken.
Felt called to pursue the young man ran a small bag, the bag look has sped away, he ran with breathless exhaustion. Run hard and the young man a small bag that had also held. Visible sweat pouring, with a heart full of joy he ran a small deliver a small bag. It occurred in his heart that is felt tired of course will be greeted with smiles and thanks her grandmother was enough in return for the good he has done.
But beyond
expected, the grandmother immediately took the little bag and turned around with a sullen face, passing like mad. Youth was surprised not to play. Let alone a smile and a thank you, ramahpun face is not visible. The young man was confused. 'What is my sin yes? "He said softly. He could not move, embarrassed, upset, disappointment mixed.
Many times youth seek forgiveness, that afternoon he found the lesson that is the meaning of sincerity. Yes on sincerity. Sincerity means never expect anything, even though a smile of reply that we do. Do all the good deeds solely for Allah. That is called sincerity. That afternoon the mosque yard, the young man get a lesson that sincerity is beautiful.
'And We have not reduced one bit of charity reward them, each and every human being bound by what they are doing. "(Surat At-Thuur: 21).
source: Ferdinand

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Pray for indonesia

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