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very amazing
very amazing

nails and anger

Once, there was a boy who is grumpy. To reduce the anger habit of the child, his father gave a bag of nails and told him to tack a nail at the back fence every time he is angry ...
The first day the boy had been nailed 48 nails into the fence every time he's angry ... Then gradually the amount was reduced. She found it easier to hold his temper than nailed the nails into the fence.
Finally came the day when the child feels totally in control of his anger and not quick to lose patience. He tells this to his father, who then suggested that he pull out one nail for each day that he was not angry.
The days passed and the boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails had been torn by it. Then the father led his son to the fence. "Well, you've done well my son, but, look at the holes in this fence. The fence will never be the same as before. "When you say things in anger. Your words leave a mark like this hole ... in the hearts of others.
You can stick a knife in someone, then pull out the knife ... But no matter many times you're sorry, the wound will still be there ... AND the wound because the words are as bad as physical wounds ... "
~ Author Unknown
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indeed, an apology can cure many things. However, it seems we must also remember, that all would not mean anything, when we repeat that mistake again.
This story is a parable, a proverb, an entrepreneurial-like and a story. About, making mistakes is reasonable, however, he also teaches, to avoid it is another thing we can do.

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The power of No!

Readers, I want to share with you about the power of sayingNOT in our lives. Are we not taught to moresay YES to others and not reject other people, sincewe are still small.
So, is there any positive side of said NO in our lives.Sure! And I give a case in point. I remember one timedecided to take the basic science of psychology as science baseI, in college. My relatives say "Do not deh. Whatcan be expected from the science of psychology. " I say NOto them. And I am very happy because it can stand onmy decision.
It turned out to be the fundamental psychology that is good for mein writing, provide training and become a speaker.Likewise, when starting a career as a trainer. I get out ofcompany and leave such a promising career.
As a freelance trainer, various companies and executivessearch to find me with a tempting variety of packages. But,I am happy to say NO to their offer so I canfocus to realize my dream, in a relatively young age.
Readers, it is correct since childhood we are taught to sayYES, must not disappoint other people, make others happyto agree or give-YA's lawyer told them. However,the edges are a lot of the ideals and dreams that eventually sacrificedbecause we are not able to say NO. Believe me, to be successfulsometimes we have to learn to say NO in place.
Negative attitude
First, say NO to those who act negatively towardideas and your dreams. I am often reminded that 'opinions areThe most expensive commodity. " When you give your idea, usuallyYou must be prepared to receive many comments, including any commentsnegative.
At that time, look carefully and see the credibility of people whosaid. If necessary, do not let them steal your dreamsNOT just because a word they say.
The author of Chicken Soup for the Soul contains a collection of articlesfamous inspiration had practically NO by the publisher. However,because they would not be affected until the end of the booknow a book that touched so many people. So, ifthere are people who mean a negative and say no to the dreamyou believe, say, THANK YOU and keep fightingfor your dreams.
Second, say NO to the activities that disrupt youractivities that are productive and useful. It is very common, temptationto rest and have fun wasting time by notproductive. Sometimes there is also a temptation to chit-chat, the temptation tochatting is not productive or popular eventsexcess's, which eventually spent much of your timeuseful.
Sometimes, for your life become more fruitful, then you mustdare to say NO to those who want to steal your time.Always remember, 'if you do not start learning to control timeYou then someone else who started going to control your time '.Take control of your own time.
Third, say NO to the offers that seemseductive but confuse you from your goals. Indeed,enemy of something good is something even better.
Sometimes, there are things that seem useful and beneficial,but if ki-ta watch carefully, then it is actuallynot bring us closer to our ideals.
I salute my colleagues who devoted her life toserve the spiritual life of students. I know that he wasmay need funding for family life.
But while there are invitations to speak in another city. Apparently hepolitely refused saying, "Yes I do needfunds but I've decided to spend this week forprovide counseling to students assisting me. ForcedI say NO because I already have a commitment of time inthis week. "
Fourth, say NO to the various temptations that preciselydrop you from the side of your dignity and morals. It is said thatoften PROPERTY, SEE and WOMEN much into temptationdropped. Acts that have occurred since the first human creation.
But often this temptation would be nice if from the beginning we did notaccept it. Suppose that once a bid to get a particular projectbut should be by providing a woman or a bribe.
Unfortunately once we get used to the process of working like this, thenWe also will be a continuity of doing business that wayit. In this situation, it will be difficult for usto teach positive values and good to subordinatesas well as our children, if we do not have integrity.
aya still remember how shocked I was when an activistformerly known as honest ultimately prove corruption and go to jail.It turned out that everything starts from the 'accept' and too tolerantwith small things. The inability to say NO endtrick them into prison.
Fifth, say NO to people who say NO toYou. In life we must sometimes persistent. This is the pointfrom courage to say NO this.
I remember the funny story about a director whosaid that he had rejected five times a salesapply through the secretary to be sales in its place.
The sales of this with a smile said simply, "I am a fivetimes rejected it! ". But, ultimately it was he who received asales. The reader, sometimes we must dare to say NO topeople who say NO to us.
Source: The Power of No! by Anthony Dio Martin, Director of HRExcellency
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sincerity is beautiful

Drizzle moistened the earth, the air blows fresh. A young man had finished the prayer fulfilled dzuhur congregation in the mosque. His gaze swept toward the courtyard, not far from it there is an old lady who sits in the middle ground caught his attention. Suddenly a small bag from where my grandmother was flying in the wind strong. Soon the young man noticed the old woman screaming for help, wanting her purse was taken.
Felt called to pursue the young man ran a small bag, the bag look has sped away, he ran with breathless exhaustion. Run hard and the young man a small bag that had also held. Visible sweat pouring, with a heart full of joy he ran a small deliver a small bag. It occurred in his heart that is felt tired of course will be greeted with smiles and thanks her grandmother was enough in return for the good he has done.
But beyond
expected, the grandmother immediately took the little bag and turned around with a sullen face, passing like mad. Youth was surprised not to play. Let alone a smile and a thank you, ramahpun face is not visible. The young man was confused. 'What is my sin yes? "He said softly. He could not move, embarrassed, upset, disappointment mixed.
Many times youth seek forgiveness, that afternoon he found the lesson that is the meaning of sincerity. Yes on sincerity. Sincerity means never expect anything, even though a smile of reply that we do. Do all the good deeds solely for Allah. That is called sincerity. That afternoon the mosque yard, the young man get a lesson that sincerity is beautiful.
'And We have not reduced one bit of charity reward them, each and every human being bound by what they are doing. "(Surat At-Thuur: 21).
source: Ferdinand

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Pray for indonesia

Pray for indonesia

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