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nails and anger

Once, there was a boy who is grumpy. To reduce the anger habit of the child, his father gave a bag of nails and told him to tack a nail at the back fence every time he is angry ...
The first day the boy had been nailed 48 nails into the fence every time he's angry ... Then gradually the amount was reduced. She found it easier to hold his temper than nailed the nails into the fence.
Finally came the day when the child feels totally in control of his anger and not quick to lose patience. He tells this to his father, who then suggested that he pull out one nail for each day that he was not angry.
The days passed and the boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails had been torn by it. Then the father led his son to the fence. "Well, you've done well my son, but, look at the holes in this fence. The fence will never be the same as before. "When you say things in anger. Your words leave a mark like this hole ... in the hearts of others.
You can stick a knife in someone, then pull out the knife ... But no matter many times you're sorry, the wound will still be there ... AND the wound because the words are as bad as physical wounds ... "
~ Author Unknown
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indeed, an apology can cure many things. However, it seems we must also remember, that all would not mean anything, when we repeat that mistake again.
This story is a parable, a proverb, an entrepreneurial-like and a story. About, making mistakes is reasonable, however, he also teaches, to avoid it is another thing we can do.

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Pray for indonesia

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